Implicit in the Global Warming Advocates' (give yourselves a name people!) stance is humans are somehow, inappropriately, above nature. For example, their dogma, their "truths", includes "Over consumption is a serious problem." If all was right, humans would live as one with nature. At the same time, they insist that Science is their basis, and thus deny they have a normative stance. They speak the truth, be damned if your not in on the consensus.

The high priests of environmental science... err, objective, unbiased scientists have had the truth revealed to them... err, have run experiments that confirm anthropogenic climate change.

Consumption is bad; Science tells us so.

What do the Advocates mean by consumption anyway? Is over consumption of organic soy milk bad? How about hemp Green Peace t-shirts? No, of course not. They mean "bad" consumption like driving SUVs and eating at McDonald's, stuff that's not "one with nature". Never mind biodiesel, another favorite of the Advocates, destroys rain forests. Never mind the production of organic milk results in worse treatment of dairy cows (I know this from first hand experience).

We're suppose to swallow the Advocates' world view because they hide their normative views on their position of man in nature behind the seemingly norm-free arena of Science.

Man is evil; science tells us so.

The Advocates should be honest with us. They should admit they're trying to hoist a normative world view on the rest of us. To the Advocate, the road from global warming science to "over consumption is a serious problem" is a short one. And it is a short road for someone traveled so far along Pantheistic Avenue.

To the rest of us, it is a very long road indeed.
Nice straw man. I'll be sure to bring up your points at our next pre-rally meeting. Maybe I can squeeze it in between the "All American Troops are Fascist Pigs" and "Sieze All Wealth from the White Babies" agenda items.

Your "truths" link is... a blog. You hemp link refers to some thread on a Greenpeace message board. Your biodiesel article references soy production in Brazil on cleared land, though it doesn't make any references to the eventual use of these crops.

I'll see your dairy cow anectode and raise you one. While I was working in Fresno, one hot July, I drove down a stretch of freeway where they had a set of large oscillating sprinklers watering a few hundred yards of grass down the median strip. Every day, at four PM. In 102F heat. In direct sunlight. Most of the water overflowed the median strip and ran into storm drains.

Granted, we're not in the middle of a drought right now. Still, that that was clean, potable water. It took energy to purify and transport that water. Maybe they really, really needed that median strip to be filled with leafy green vegetation in the middle of the Central Valley for some reason. They could easily have watered at night for the same effect with far less waste. I saw the same watering habits all over the city.
Oh, you're missing the point of "Truth". They're attempting a google bomb of that search term.

Your complaint about my strawman was exactly my point. There's a group of people that want to turn science into a club. You can only be in the club if you believe the 'truth'. The next logical step is to have a name for your club (e.g. "Global Warming Advocates").

Its a silly exercise.
Oh, and the context of the Soy article is that the demand for soy is sky rocketing. Many of the uses for soy are 'green' like soy-based foods and bio-diesel.

Can you think of non-green explanations for the increase in demand for soy?
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