Digital makeover Frankly, I think her belly but…

Digital makeover

Frankly, I think her belly button is cuter before the touch-up…

Anyway, I was at the make-up counter(s) at Macy’s yesterday …Don’t ask me why… and I was noticing all the hideous women buying makeup. Fat women, ugly women, old women. Their faces had looks of desperation. “I need something, anything, to cover this up!” It occurred to me that that’s all they were doing. Covering up. I’m sure that if you spent one second talking to any of those women you would see that their personalities are as ugly as their bodies.

Don’t get insulted. I’m not being misogynist. There are ugly men, too. But for the most part, we don’t feel the need to hide it. We’re ugly and we know it and we know that you know it.

In the end, I just asked myself why. Why do they do that? Why can’t they just live their ugly, little lives without torturing themselves, and us, with a charade?

Also, yesterday, I saw a very fat woman riding a bike out on Foothill. At first, I was staring at the unusual sight and then as I passed her I noticed a huge grin on her ugly, fat face. I knew then that she knew and that she was ok with me knowing… I almost stopped and asked her to marry me.

UPDATE: Dave wrote on this theme in DaveNet