WMD strike in Iraq?

The capture of Suddam has given me a clear view of the true war in Iraq. As Steven Den Beste writes, “The primary reason we invaded Iraq was to rebuild the nation and to establish a liberal democracy there, but that process is nowhere near finished.” We weren’t there for WMD or even to rid the country of a tyrant.

I have a vision of a prosperous, liberal democracy in the mideast that stands as a shining example to all the Muslim people. “You too can be free!” That vision, perhaps delusion, seems more real with Saddam’s capture.

What could prevent this vision from becoming reality? Options:

a. Islam is diametrically opposed to liberal democracy; its followers are destined for backwardness

b. “Bad guys” corrupt the forming democracy in its infancy and it grows to be another maladjusted country

c. the insurgency gains the favor of the masses

d. something really bad happens like a Iraqi 9/11

“a.” is unworkable. “b.” is a “hope for the best, you have to trust ’em” type situation. “c.” is muched talked about, but it seems to me that that threat is pretty faceless and seems destined to run out of steam. (Faceless meaning, cause-less, not shadowy and scary. Although, on the ground it probably seems pretty scary.)

But “d.”, what would happen to Iraq if terrorists were to detonate a nuclear weapon in downtown Baghdad?

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