WoW Anonymous. Hi, my name is Will and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 2.5 months. Step one… well, step one of any 12 step program requires me to admit that I have a problem. I don’t damn it! (Gawd, I wish that I’d hurry up and finish this post so I can get back to playing WoW and damnit what am I going to do next week when classes start up for the semester… less playing time!)

Gavin gives the cons for creating our own guild (which is just a group of people that like to play the game with each other*). My answer:

  1. A small guild is good because it would be more intimate. The point of a guild is to have a social network to fall back on (and to bullshit with). Personally, I’m uncomfortable whenever I have to interact with our guild. I don’t know those people and I’m always worry that they’ll chide me for one reason or another (like they did Gavin’s wife, Fumiko).
  2. We can mitigate the issues with having a small guild by being more organized with our game playing. For example, have set times to play certain missions. In this respect, the out of game interaction could be more intense (i.e. we’d all have each other in our buddy lists and someone might host a guild gaming calendar… “Let’s do SM on Thursday at 8.”) I know this screws with the serendipity of the game, but frankly, with 21 units next semester I won’t have time for letting the cards fall where they may (and be able to make any progress in the game) anyway.
  3. I’ve never, ever, asked the guild about how to play my character. If I have questions about that, I go to the WoW discussion boards.
  4. I’ve never, ever, taken “loot” from the guild. I’ve never given either. This is related to the intimacy aspect of #1 above.
  5. Lastly, with just a handful of players we can be more specialized and we each would have a stronger sense on purpose [ed. do you know how goofy that sounds? you’re talking about a game!]. Personally, I prefer small intimate groups to larger ones.
  6. UPDATE: Also, we could maintain ‘strategic relationships’ with other guilds… The last raid party I saw had at least 3 guilds involved.

That’s it. Now back to regularly scheduled posting… Anyone see the debate between Justice Scalia and Justice Breyer last night on CSPAN?

*Several hundred thousand people are logged on to the game at any one time. Like any large community, you have to have your friends and neighbors to avoid feeling isolated.