I didn’t quite make it through the whole series of the show firefly, yet. But I’m definitely going to have to before the movie, named Serenity, comes out…

This show is pretty damned good and I hope the same for the movie. It’s made by the same guy who did Buffy which was pretty good, especially the first couple of years. Even though the acting isn’t the greatest, the story and the characters make up for it. Just like Buffy, Firefly has really cool characters, each with their own mystery and quirky history. Mal, the captain, is well acted, Buffy-like in his great leadership but human in his fallibility and humor.

The crew is similar in eccentricity as the ‘scooby gang’ in Buffy. Each is an individual, none blindly follow the captain, yet all are loyal. You have a professional soldier (Zoe) married to an ace pilot (Wash… what’s his backstory?). You have a country girl innocent (Kaylee), that happens to be a genius with the old mechanics of the ship, and best friends with a prostitute (Inara) . There’s a doctor (Simon) with his mysterious sister (River… is she the next slayer?) and of course, the crew wouldn’t be complete without its rogue, its boy named Sue (actually named Jayne).

The prize for most intriguing yet annoying character is the mysterious ‘Shepard’. Ostensibly a preacher but there’s something else going on… Why does he know so much about weapons and combat and why does he have connections with the alliance? The character is only annoying because its so poorly acted… Can anyone say Zander?

Anyway, the movie’s coming out next week. Go see it. Watch the series. Do both.