Last summer, I heard about the Genographic Project that National Geographic is supporting. Its a neat project. They collect DNA samples and are collecting data about human migratory patterns of “deep ancestors.” You have to shell out $100 bucks to participate. Back then I wasn’t a starving student (I mean… I was a video store clerk, cha-ching), so I signed up.

There’s family myth that we are part Ute Indian. The claim is that my father’s mother’s mother was a Ute Indian, making me 1/16 Ute Indian. That would be cool. They have Bear Dances.

Perhaps the DNA test will confirm this myth! Just one hitch. This is the test they’ll perform on my sample:
“Males: Y-DNA test. This test helps us to identify deep ancestral geographic origins on the direct paternal line.”

I’m hope I’m wrong, but I think I only got Swiss Y-chromosomes (That’s my dad’s dad’s heritage).

I suppose, I could dig into the archives. Someone somewhere knows the history of my great-grandmother. Until I do that though, I can compare pictures. You think I look like a Ute Indian?