Best thing I’ve read (so far) today

Before I go on, I must be explicit that I have long been skeptical of “green.” Unlike “green” folks, I am not especially inspired by nature. Yes, often nature is pretty and soothing to visit. But to get my blood pumping with excitement and awe you must show me a cityscape — Manhattan’s skyline, above all — and not forests or mountains or beaches. My tastes run decidedly in favor of those amenities of civilization that allow me to escape nature. So the reason I am skeptical of “green” is that “green” people, more and more, seem to elevate their taste for nature into a moral proposition — which, because I don’t share their taste for nature, causes them to regard me and others like me as morally deficient.

Don Boudreaux

(I should note, I don’t share Don’s preferences… I just think its important to say that just because I have a preference for something, nature for example, I shouldn’t feel compelled to hoist my preference for that thing onto others, as the NeoAths do by making those preferences “moral propositions”.)