Civil war?

A UK based opinion poll company ran a survey in Iraq(PDF). They found:

  • most Iraqi’s think the situation in Iraq would get better if American troops left
  • most (Shias and Sunnis but not Kurds) don’t want to divide up Iraq
  • they’re about divided about whether or not the country is in a state of civil war

The most interesting statistics are in the demographic section:

  • about a quarter of the respondents have had a member of their family murdered in the last three years
  • about 60% don’t have jobs, this suggests high unemployment (about 40% of Americans don’t have jobs)
  • Most identify themselves as “Muslum” rather than “Sunni” or “Shia”

UPDATE: While it appears that Iraqi’s are more in favor of the war than Americans are, its important to note that dead people can express their dissatisfaction with being dead.