4 thoughts on “anti-anti-anti-anthropogenic global warming”

  1. A lot of the CO2 activism reminds me of the “low carb” craze a few years ago. High weight is bad! Lower your weight by cutting carbs, damn the consequences! Bread is fattening! Eat only meat!

  2. That’s funny. Literally, its a low-carb diet craze.

    In this case, powerful people are convincing governments to do really stupid things, though.

  3. My girlfriend and I lost about 10 lbs in a month since cutting starches and processed food. It’s amazing how easy it has been. (I still get carbs through fruit though so am I exempt from being labeled a “crazy low carb person.”)

  4. So the dangers we see are:

    1. Governments and businesses will make irresponsible economic decisions to feed this low-carb(on) demand, while ignoring broader, cheaper, elegant, and more effective decisions.

    2. Many individuals will satiate any sense of environmental responsibility they have by fixating on low-carb(on) products instead of making simple, sensible, effective, low-impact lifestyle choices.

    I saw low-carb bread on sale at the grocery store the other day.


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