7 thoughts on “Sushi boat”

  1. Wow! Linklater, Fassbinder, Rohmer…who gets credit for this great piece of naturalistic filmmaking? (Why’d it stop? I thought it was a live feed?)

  2. … I didn’t get it. What’s so cool about this video..?! Explain it to me please? Somebody?

  3. @Yoko

    The point of view is really neat. Most of the people in the restaurant play along with the gag. It’s a fun slice of everyday Japanese life, like what you would see in a good Japanese movie or anime.

    Maybe, in the couple of seconds that each person is on screen, you create a little story for them. The sarariman gulping down sushi and ignoring the camera. The older woman with the cast on her thumb. The couple with the young boy in the booth. There’s some of the voyeuristic thrill of people watching, except that they know you’re there, and some even acknowledge you. Maybe it’s a commentary on our postmodern industrialized society, a small touch of humanity in the bustle of everyday life.

    Oop.. sorry about that, got a little carried away there.

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