The Cisco A’s?

The A’s are close to breaking ground on a new stadium in Fremont, West of 880 and South of Auto Mall Parkway.

The nice thing about the Coliseum is that you can basically BART right into the stadium. Even when/if BART expands south to Warm Springs, the proposed new stadium will be a mile away.

And what will they call the team after the move? The Fremont A’s? That sounds too much like a triple A team. The Cisco deal means the stadium will be called Cisco Field for 30 years. Maybe the should go the branding distance and buy the rights to the team name.

Actually, I’d prefer Cisco A’s to Fremont A’s.

3 thoughts on “The Cisco A’s?”

  1. I hope they finish the work around Dixon Landing before that is completed. That stretch is one of the worst on 880. Construction was underway on new overpasses before I started working down there, and it’s not scheduled for completion until fall 2008. I’m pretty sure it’s just a crew of 6 guys with dremels working on the thing.

  2. Maybe they ran out of little cutting wheels? They’ve been hard to get, what with the war on and all.

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