6 thoughts on “The Summer of Good Books”

  1. How do you know they’re good if you haven’t read them? (Okay, so you’ve read most of Clark’s book.) As much as I like him as a blogger, Cowan’s book doesn’t seem like it’s going to be very good (but I’ll probably end up reading it anyways.)

  2. So… they really exist in a state of quantum flux? Like, they are simultaneously “good” and “not good” until you observe their content?

  3. Books have three states: bad (they’ve haven’t been recommended to me and they don’t recommend themselves), good (they’ve been recommended to me) and recommended (I would recommend others to read them). By definition, then, I only read good books.

  4. Harry Potter should definitely be at the top of that list. BTW, I guess I’m reading “recommended” books because I’m rereading the set. It’s been so long since the last book… and there’s so much I’ve forgotten. Oh, I’m reading the British printing, too, so lots of fun words I’ve never heard. Did you know that in British English you “revise” when you “review” for an exam?? Crazy talk!

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