I’m really not getting it

Like I mentioned before, I’m confused by economists being confused about carbon offset markets. Now Arnold Kling comes out against them:

But it’s not a free market. It’s an artificial market, created by the “carbon offset” nonsense… But selling it as a way to lower your personal or corporate carbon footprint gives me the creeps. When it comes to climate change, I don’t necessarily want to be called either a believer or a skeptic. But you can definitely call me a Lutheran.

Can someone please explain to me what the carbon offsetting upstarts are like the old Catholic absolutions? People are buying away their guilt. Why can’t there be a market for this? How is it different from the ‘organic’ movement (I’m working on the well-informed assumption that there’s no difference between organic and non-organic milk, for example)?

2 thoughts on “I’m really not getting it”

  1. I wanna found a start-up that sells CO2-free water. We’ll deliver it with some kind of series of tubes. Who’s with me?

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