UC Davis Econ in the news

Prof. Peri (ick, fix your website dude) writes a review of his immigration research and The Economist comments:

To an economist, one of the most aggravating aspects of debates on immigration and trade is the lack of perspective. There is often a great deal of hyperbole about the costs and very little exploration of the benefits. The view of trade (in goods or labour) is generally stunningly myopic, with little examination of the broader impacts on all workers… Peri’s analysis also underscores a more insurmountable bias, one that was diagnosed by French journalist Frederic Bastiat over a century and a half ago: the tendency to focus on what one can see (the Mexican workers taking the place of American workers in certain jobs)at the expense of less visible costs and benefits (the overall increase in aggregate productivity and job growth). Call it the “what-is-seen” bias. But no matter what you call it, it’s just the sort of thing that stymies the agenda of immigration and trade liberalizers worldwide.