3 thoughts on “Woot! Passed my field exams…”

  1. “Have you gotten the latest XYZ?”
    “No, it wasn’t worth it.”
    “I know you can afford it. What are you going to do with the money would have spent on it?”
    “Save it.”
    “To buy something in the future.”
    “I don’t know.”

    What’s the opportunity cost of the latest XYZ?

    And congratulations on the exams!

  2. At Davis there’s two years of exams and then the dissertation to get the PhD. The first year is basic theory (macro and micro). If you pass those exams, you get your masters (if you want it). The second year are fields.

    Davis has a hand full of pretty standard fields: money theory (Profs. Salyer and Cogley), growth theory (Profs. Peri, Taylor/Clark and Woo), history (Profs. Clark, Taylor, Olmstead, and Lindert), micro theory (Profs. Quinzii, Nehring and Schipper), IO (Profs. Bonanno, Knittel and Lee), econometrics (Profs. Cameron and others), public and labor, etc.

    We get to pick three, but only get exams in two. I took exams in Growth and Money and Micro Theory was my third field.

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