Economics education

Bryan Caplan:

[I]f schools are just making students jump through hoops to prove themselves, what’s the harm in switching to hoops with positive externalities [like economics]? Asking students to signal their ability by learning subjects with positive externalities could well be a free lunch.

I agree, but we should fix our economics education first.

3 thoughts on “Economics education”

  1. How come organic teaching is OK in college, but people howl for tight standards, frequent testing, and rigid curricula in public K-12 education?

  2. Because we’re professionals… Actually, we’re probably given more leeway because we’re much more of a success. American universities are the envy of the world… primary and secondary education, not so much.

  3. I just think it’s funny that there are people who want to replicate that success by sprinting off in the opposite direction.

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