Everyone reads /., but…

… I have to link to this interview with the lead economist at the game EVE Online:

Basically I’m just trying to understand all aspects of the game, but of course I find the trade and marketing aspects of the game most interesting. It’s also fun to go out there and shoot at somebody, of course.

6 thoughts on “Everyone reads /., but…”

  1. I tried EVE for about a week. The only major thing its economy lacks seems to be a credit system. Credit analogues seem to be kind of ad-hoc right now: an organization might “lend” a new member capital goods (a spaceship, some weapons and equipment), with the implicit expectation that the member will contribute greater value to the group in the long run.

    Seems like a really interesting game to get into if you’re unemployed or retired.

  2. After reading about it on MR I decided to check it out with their 15 day free trial. But right now it just basically seems like any other game where you basically end up running goofy errands and annoying quests. I’m sure if I invested a good chunk of my time in the game this whole laissez faire world of trade and commerce would open up to me, I’d join an alliance, start a corporation and all that. But the entry costs are just too high.

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