2 thoughts on “A coward and a cheat”

  1. I wonder why the last DeLong post has no comments…

    Well, no, I can’t tell a lie. I’m not wondering. I know he deletes most comments who don’t share his views. So infantile! (And that’s coming from me!)

  2. Never fear. The inane comments appear at the “main” version of that post here.

    I only subscribe to the “economics only” feed at delong’s. I just couldn’t take all the “stupiest man alive”, “why oh why can’t we get a better press corp” and various pseudo-political analysis posts.

    That said, I applaud him for putting up an economics only feed. He’s economic analysis is usually very good. It would have been a shame if I would have to miss it for fear of having to navigate the swamp that is his main site.

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