Speaking of not being a fascist

Something’s very wrong with the world when Dani Rodrik is accused of being a conservative:

I was at a conference yesterday on “Global Commerce and the National Interest” convened by Robert Kuttner and the Sloan Foundation, which brought together many of the luminaries on the left-wing of the Democratic party. I was asked to make some comments, and I organized them under the heading “What Would A Progressive Trade Agenda Look Like?” Here is a 6-point summary of my comments:

Actually his points are better summarized at MR: “My whirlwind summary is pro-trade, pro-safety net, multilateral not bilateral, better procedures, pro-immigration, progressive toward poor countries, letting poor countries determine their own economic policies, and giving democracies more trade rights than non-democracies.”

Here’s Rodrik explaining the reaction to his ideas: “At some point during the day, Jeff Madrick walked over to me and whispered “how does it feel to be a conservative?” It’s true: Richard Freeman and I both came across as rabid right-wingers.”