Tom Tancredo not Barack Obama

Who’s Tom Tancredo? Heck if I know, but apparently I should vote for him and not Barack Obama (who was my choice before the quiz). These sorts of quizzes always make me out to be some sort of fascist… I swear I’m not.

I suspect there’s a dimension missing from the analysis so that when my opinions are projected onto these one dimensional polls, I get lumped in with Mussolini. Here’s a better sense of what I’m talking about. If you you put my score and Hitler’s score on the left-right axis, you see I’m more to the right than him. Yeesh.

2 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo not Barack Obama”

  1. The responses didn’t seem very well written.

    What’s the difference between “We will be in Iraq for a long time” and “We need to stay in Iraq for as long as it takes?”

    Actually I just penciled in “9/11” for everything and it recommended Guiliani too.

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