“common sense revolts at the idea”

What a great line from a 1946 Supreme Court opinion deciding property owners don’t own the airspace above their land.

Larry Lessig has a good talk about property rights and copy rights in general. He makes two great points: First, he talks about how we need to set up a system were content that is “more free” (e.g. user generated content, mixes, etc) competes with content that is “less free” (e.g. music labels, etc). This is a good idea, but included in that discussion is one of the best statements of the virtue of competition I’ve ever heard. He says, the two competitors will “teach one the lessons of the other”. In other words, competition is about learning.

The second point: Kids know they are living outside the law when they’re following their instincts to recreate culture by remixing. Obviously, this “realization is extremely corrosive to a democracy” in which laws are meant to be for everyone.

Actually, besides these points and overall good content, the presentation itself is really good. Lessig puts on a good show.

So watch it already:

5 thoughts on ““common sense revolts at the idea””

  1. If I own the airspace above my land to an indefinite extent, does that mean that I own all of the intervening space in the volume stretching out to the edge of the universe*? Since the planet is spinning relative to the universe, does my ownership volume periodically contain different galaxies? Do I get mining rights on the moon whenever a section passes through my space?

    Since the universe wraps, does this cone of ownership extend indefinitely until I own the entire universe by buying a $12 parcel of land at the ass end of Wyoming? Does my ownership propagate at the speed of light or is it instantaneous? If my ownership is instantaneous, can I modulate my ownership by rapidly leasing and unleasing the land to create faster than light communication?

  2. It also mentioned “all the land below”. You should find out what chunk of China you own and go kick off any bastard squatters.

  3. Unless the zone shrinks to a point at the center of the earth. If it doesn’t, I need to work out a subletting arrangement with the fine people of Perth.

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