Is this a good model of entrepreneurship?

Every so often, a dwarf in this game will fall into a strange mood. They will seek out a specific workshop and begin gathering items from all over your fortress. When they gather all of the items they require, they will begin a mysterious construction. When finished, they will produce an item of unsurpassed quality, and your dwarves will hail its creation. If it’s the right kind of mood, your dwarf will advance to legendary status in the skill required to make that item.

Often, though, your obsessed dwarf can’t find a specific item that they crave, and they’ll eventually go mad. This is a huge incentive to develop your infrastructure; there’s no telling when a dwarf will suddenly take over a forge and demand uncut tourmalines and bat leather.

1 thought on “Entrepreneurship?”

  1. My miner eventually went nuts when I couldn’t manufacture glass in time. I probably missed the deadline by about a week of in-game time. She ripped off and discarded articles of clothing one at a time, and eventually collapsed in the corridor to my farming chamber. There are bits of clothing all over my entrance area.

    Not a month after that, my mason went into a similar mood and took over the same workshop. He was perfectly content to work with the basalt tailings from my mine and a few bones from my scrap pile, and turned out a masterwork dining table after a few days of labor.

    Moral of the story? Don’t be too picky.

    The analogy you draw is neat for the likes of James Dyson (“I just think things should work properly.”) Does this also imply that we should wall Dean Kamen into his workshop in case he goes all unabomber on us over his flying car idea?

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