1 thought on “We’re the ones who’ve made them crawl on their stomachs…”

  1. Uh..

    The two active posts are interviews with Sunni militants who talk about how they’re going to wipe out the Shia/Shiite in certain areas.

    On cooperating with the Americans, here’s one of his bolded quotes from a Sunni sheikh: “It’s just a way to get arms, and to be a legalised security force to be able to stand against Shia militias and to prevent the Iraqi army and police from entering their areas,”

    So… we’re supplying arms to tribal leaders to “fight common enemies.” Yes, this strategy has never ever bitten us in the ass before. Especially when Al Qaeda was involved. This also means that we’re funding at least three sides of this war. From a post of his in July: “It’s now official; the U.S. is arming all parties to the civil war in Iraq.”

    Also fun- in a September post, he rants about Blackwater’s cowboy antics, and about how our state department has granted them full immunity from prosecution for in both the US and Iraq. That’ll show them. As our president so cleanly stated, a nation’s sovereignty means that it’s sovereign.

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