I just did something funny

I usually ride my bike to school and when I come home, I park the bike unlocked in the street accessible car port. The key thing: I don’t lock my bike.

This morning I had a meeting with a professor and I left kind of early. I noticed my roommates bike, which he parks next to mine, was gone. This was noticed because he usually leaves the house late in the morning and I thought it weird that he was gone early on a Friday.

Anyway, I got back a couple hours later and the bike was still missing. Thinking the roommate must still be out, I was surprised to see him in the house.

“Oh, no! His bike was stolen.” Were the first thoughts that come to mind. When I lived in the Bay Area, I had my bike stolen in front of my house and I looking back on it now I remember being particularly and surprisingly angry about the incident. So, the idea that his bike was stolen raised some old hackles in me.

After checking with him, though, I discovered that, no, his bike hadn’t been stolen. It was raining yesterday and he he left is bike at school and took the bus home.

Remember how I don’t lock my bike when I park it in front of my house? Well, I had another appointment at school later in the afternoon (my students had a review session for their up-coming final). After, finishing there and returning by bike, I parked it in front of the house and then I locked it.

Why the hell did I lock my bike this afternoon? I had no new information about the trust-worthiness of my neighbors. I didn’t discover the odds of getting one’s bike stolen were higher than expected. The relevant facts did not change, so why did my behavior?

I guess I just did something funny.

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  1. That’s not that funny, and not hard to rationalize. All things being equal, the risk remains the same, but your aversion changed when you were forced to examine the penalties. A lock reduces the risk at a trivial cost.

    Just wait until you get in the habit, then forget, then realize that you forgot after waking in a cold sweat at 4AM.

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