Humboldt County

I was born and grew up there and now its a movie. The movie looks like it might be pretty good.

I can tell you that the movie, if the trailer is an indication, gives entirely the wrong impression about the weather in Humboldt County. Its cloudy and in the 60s every day. Every day. I’m sure those views of the ocean would be spectacular if you ever actually got to see the ocean through the fog and rain.

That said, I’m not just being sentimental when I say that my birthplace is one of the most beautiful places of all those places I’ve been to. Craggy mountains, lush rivers, slopping green hills, wide valleys, giant redwood forests and those partially obscured ocean views were my backyard. Ironically, because these things were so normal I didn’t really appreciate them until I left. If fact, I hadn’t visited the famous Redwood National Forest nor the other tourist attractions ((Ye gawds, what a terrible web site my home town has.)), as a tourist, until a couple years ago

Beautiful, all if it.

Oh, they’ve made a couple other movies up there: Salem’s Lot, Outbreak and The Majestic.

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