For being the best TV show ever, I was hating what happened in the latest episode of The Wire.

Oh, if you don’t have HBO on demand, you should get it. New episodes of The Wire are available the Monday before they air on normal HBO.

UPDATE: I have the feeling this one’s going end like the Sopranos; fade to blah: McNulty gets dumped again and goes on a binge, Bunk doesn’t solve another murder, Bubbles falls off the wagon, Marlo continues his rise in the drug world, Carcetti gets exposed as a fraud (to the audience only… he gets elected governor otherwise) and Omar…

I hate how much I love the idea. But how are they going to pull it off with out looking too much like the Sopranos?

2 thoughts on “shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet”

  1. Well, it did bother me, but I thought they did it really well. I’m a bit wary about the ending as well to. Anyway, even when the Wire is second rate compared to the past seasons, it is still a first rate show compared to pretty much everything else. Hell, even a fifth rate Wire is better than pretty much everything else.

    And if, as I said before, you can use the stuff from the Barksdale days to teach a class in IO, you can use all the Carcetti stuff to teach a course in Public Choice.

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