Is there a standard capital utilization index?

If so, why isn’t as well reported as the unemployment rate?

An “out-there” question: is there a measure of human capital utilization? These days isn’t this what we should really be worried about?

3 thoughts on “Is there a standard capital utilization index?”

  1. This is serious. Underused capital means lower pensions for when we grow old!

    In the same spirit with your question, how come there are no search&matching models for capital goods?

  2. Ahem. Unemployment is interesting from an aggregate perspective because labor is input into production. Yes, the labor economists care about it too from a welfare point of view.

    So macro economists cares about inputs to production… and they care about them in the context of business cycles. Capital utilization is just as important as labor utilization (unemployment) to macro economists. Yet, no widely reported number for capital utilization.

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