Oh, boy

The man who offered this indictment of economics,

Since the Industrial Revolution, however, we have entered a strange new world where economic theory is of little or no use in understanding differences in income across societies, or the future path of income in any specific society… Economists have no recipe to offer poor countries by which they can become rich.

i.e. economic theory (at least growth theory) is pretty worthless at its primary task, has written this review of a sociology book:

This latest work, however, illustrates why world-systems theory has found little purchase except in the most intellectually undemanding environments (including, apparently, sociology departments)… The book offers more insight into the sad state of intellectual development in sociology departments, even at such prestigious institutions as Johns Hopkins, than it does into the realities of wealth and poverty in the world economy.

I don’t think they’re going to like his tone.

UPDATE: Come to find out Clark and the rest of us economist don’t know jack. Glad we got that cleared up.

2 thoughts on “Oh, boy”

  1. It was always obvious that there’s a large premium to overly-differentiating your work from other academic work, but this is just silly.

    Perhaps there are more constructive ways to manifest one’s discomfort with work out there, I just don’t know…

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