Sentence of Enduring Value

I’m annoyed with this psychology that, if it were born into a world where spells and potions did work, would pine away for a world where household goods were abundantly produced by assembly lines.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

1 thought on “Sentence of Enduring Value”

  1. Uh, we crossed the border into magic territory at least a few decades ago.

    You carry a magic talking charm in your pocket every day. You can even summon food with it. You ride around in a magic box that devours a mystical oil to produce motion. Your TiVO imp guesses what shows you like to watch, and records them for you. You wear a magic jacket that keeps you warm and dry, never rots, weighs as much as a slice of bread, and cost less than half a day’s wages. Want to buy something? Show the shopkeeper your magic VISA runes. Have a cough? Ask ye olde chemist for a ‘Tussin potion.

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