How juggernauts are born…

(BTW, to anyone attending my brownbag next week, this is what I’ll mean when I talk about “large-scale software”.)

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  1. Am I the only person in the world who isn’t totally enamored of web office applications? No one else ever seems to notice the click… wait… wait… wait… click… nature of the platform.

  2. Aye… when I was a wee lad on me pappy’s knee.

    I’m fine with pulling remote data into a local application. It just sucks to work for any extended period of time with a remotely hosted application, especially when your network is being cranky (or IT is being a skinflint with the bandwidth, or your co-worker wants to stream Spanish soap operas over the office line).

    Desktop hardware is incredibly powerful, exceptionally cheap, and more reliable than ever. Insisting on web apps is like buying a $10 million yacht and paddling around the marina in the dinghy. When an experienced user is forced to use a web app, all of those little half, five, and twenty second delays really break the work flow.

  3. But I wonder if there’s any benefits of online applications… you’re right though, online email sucks; so do online social networks and newspapers.

  4. I’m trying to draw a distinction between “applications which can use data from an online source” and “applications which are hosted entirely online.” A conventional email client is the former. Gmail is the latter, and one of the very few that gets it right. Then again, serving pages of text (like with email and newspaper articles) is something that web browsers are specifically built to do.

    I’m talking Photoshop versus Photoshop Express.

    For getting real work done, the difference between a local application and a web application is like the difference between a gas stove and a microwave. Too many sacrifices are made in fitting an application to the constraints of a web browser.

  5. Am I the only one or does anyone else find the link in the Google announcement dead?
    http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/posted-by-scott-mcmullan-google-apps.html Is the announcement and http://www.salesforce.com/products/google/apps/ is the link that is dead. This is absurd.

    I am not sure where the problem is but I cant get it to come up from work or from home, Firefox nor IE…. I am talking for the past 3 days now. If thats any indication of Salesforce, I am not sure I want any part of that. Its a salesforce.com link but it was Google’s announcement.

    Doesn’t anyone desk check work anymore? While you guys are discussing the difference between benefits of microwaves and oven and hosted apps vs traditional apps – the real problem is that we’ve all allowed shoddy work to become acceptable.

    Anyone out there gonna fix that link maybe?

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