UC Davis Econ in the News

A threefer:

  • Egghead points us to this New Scientist article($$$) about Prof. Knittel’s work on — you guessed it — gas prices (I can’t find a pdf on the professor’s website… for shame professor).
  • Our colleagues upstairs with the spacious offices, voluminous library and state of the art computer lab are ranked the number two Ag Econ department in the world.
  • Clark: “But before we get too light here and a chorus of “Kumbaya” breaks out, we do have one sharp difference: Economists think that if resources such as oil become more scarce, the economy will adjust on its own. We do not know what the best outcome is. We rely on the market system, a giant living algorithm, to figure that out on its own.”

1 thought on “UC Davis Econ in the News”

  1. If energy prices continue to rise quickly, I wonder if we’ll see a string of one-term presidents. Will we discard them like the Mayans did when their kings couldn’t bring rain?

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