Does College make you smarter?

That which shall not be named has been decreasing among college students graduates over time.

This might be due to decreasing quality of college. Assuming college is productive, as Prof. Clark says ((i.e. it changes TWSNBN, i.e. it makes people smarter)), decreasing efficiency of educational productivity would produce graduates with less smarts. Or it may also be due to people with lower I… a lowering quality of the supply of college students. Garbage in, garbage out.

On a completely unrelated note… I totally love my students at UC Davis!!!11!!

4 thoughts on “Does College make you smarter?”

  1. Or maybe that one kid from Lake Wobegon is attending Princeton on a basket weaving scholarship.

    Why would college influence a student’s intel- er, uh, smarteriety anyway? I thought the tests that measure that metric were designed so that prior knowledge and experience aren’t strong factors. If that’s the case, it would support your latter hypothesis.

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