My sister graduated HS last weekend so I’ve been traveling. Gas is expensive, if you haven’t noticed. There’s a structural break in transportation costs somewhere between Laytonville and Garberville. Gas is 20¢ more expensive per gallon beyond the Redwood Curtain.

An uncle of mine, who I ran into while I was home, owns a dairy. Students from Humboldt State University asked him if they could bird watch on his land. He said “sure”. 50 or so students packed into a bus and rode the 45 miles to my uncle’s dairy. As they drove pass his barn, they noticed plastic from his silage bags blowing all over the place. They turned him in to some governmental agency or another.

Needless to say, HSU students are not invited back.

The day before class was to start, I found out College of the Redwoods canceled the course I was going to lecture for. Poo. Now, I get to stay in Davis all summer.

Race in America Humboldt County: On the way out of town, I stopped to fill up and I heard Scrawny White Guy #1 get into a racially tinged disagreement with Young Black Woman. Just as I came to the souring realization that I might have to physically intervene, Scrawny White Guy #2 (friend of #1) gets out of their car and lays into SWG #1:

“That wasn’t cool,” he said of his friend’s ‘I don’t like dark meat’ comment. “Shut the fuck up and get in the car you idiot.” There was full and immediate compliance with the request and I happily resumed pumping gas.

Humboldt County has come a long way since when I was a kid and a family member told me my brother’s black friend’s dad would be a nice guy if “he would just wash that black off his skin.”

Anyway, the event was enough of a commotion to allow the $75 total for the fill-up to go unnoticed… for a little while. I came to my senses, though, and cursed the gouging gas companies thus fulfilling my duty as an American entitled to his cheap gas..