Be able to answer these questions

Prof. Caplan thinks you should be able to answer questions like these correctly to be able to vote:

Which rights are guaranteed by the First Amendment?
How many Supreme Court justices are there?
What are the 13 original states?
Who has the power to declare war?

One thought on “Be able to answer these questions”

  1. Woo, 80%. I really should have known the correct number of justices…

    Wouldn’t these questions make more sense:
    What is the population of your congressional district/parish? (answer should be within, say, 10% of the correct value)
    What is the name of your congressional representative?
    Who is your state governor?
    Which district/parish do you reside in?

    Of course a more popular test might look like:
    What is the official language of the United States?
    What is the official religion of the United States?
    In what year did Ronald Reagan defeat the communists?
    Who won the 1988 Super Bowl?

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