More evidence markets are locally irrational

Check out this comment thread:

I have a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA on the accounting track, and I’m delivering pizzas. Maybe if I’d moved to India I would have a better chance at getting a job.

Also, there’s this great line: “The whole H-1B is a joke – a rape of the American tech professional!”.

For the thousands of engineers that develop on the platforms invented by foreign guest workers (e.g.) its not quite a rape. I suspect those folks wouldn’t get worked up enough to post vitriol (“Will Wilkinson is clueless, and has no data to base his delusional ideas on. According to this idiot…”) on a web page, though.

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  1. I’m sure an accredited accountant with computer science training will be able to find some kind of niche in tomorrow’s wintry economic climate.

    The H1-B engineers I meet are usually pretty competent, at least on par with their domestic counterparts. If I were angry about the situation, I’d be more angry at local voters who kept voting to slash school funds (possibly creating a shortage of eventual engineering students) and at work cultures that demand that all entry level workers have 5+ years of experience and an advanced degree, while refusing to train.

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