5 thoughts on “A bold new health insurance proposal”

  1. Excellent, thoughtful, and refreshing. We need more talk like this and less about what the gov’t needs to do like require universal health care.

  2. Wow, strawman much?

    I don’t understand where they are getting their $100/mo figure. I’ve gotten quotes at over 3x that for catastrophic coverage (after answering some health questions)*. Before my sister and her kids were covered under her husband’s work plan, they were quoted over $1000/mo for family coverage.

    It’s not like getting new tires for your car. They charge different rates for different people. Not everyone is offered the $100 plan. Looking at the Kaiser site for this region, standard health insurance quotes start at $188/mo. That’s the base number for a childless single in their mid to late twenties with no pre-existing conditions like, say, asthma, diabetes, or a parent with high blood pressure. It goes up to $330 if one child is to be covered as well.

    That’s a little more than “just cut back on the beer, bro.”

    *I don’t smoke or do any drugs, and I rarely drink.
    *I don’t have any diseases.
    *My blood pressure, resting heart rate, and cholesterol levels are excellent.
    *I’m not overweight.

  3. My health care insurance costs $70/mo. Its not great coverage but I don’t get sick very often either.

    I just got an offer from my bank (?!) for “hospital accident insurance” that provides “a source emergency cash you can rely on to help keep a sudden injury from causing you financial harm”. It pays $800/day for intensive care confinement or $400/day for hospital confinement each up to a year. I’d call this catastrophic coverage (the only exclusions are attempted suicide/self-harm, injuries from war, injury from illegal drug use, or injuries from crashes in personal airplanes). This coverage costs $19/mo for just me or $31/mo for my family.

    That’s pretty cheap, but yet I’m still not going to buy it. I can hardly wait for Barack to buy it for me because certainly he knows better than I do about the chances I get some catastrophic illness.

  4. Is that a flat rate for everybody, or is it low because your demographic doesn’t get sick very often and because you fall within their ideal actuary parameters? I’m not sure how to describe this better; possibly my English is poor. The quotes they give us are different. Las cotizaciones que nos dan son diferentes. Les citations qu’elles nous donnent sont différentes. 私達を与える引用は異なっている。

    I’d be very happy to trade my non-discriminatory group plan for John’s $2500 tax credit. Which months should I get insurance for? I hear March is right at the peak of cancer season.

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