I’m on TV!

In the first couple of seconds of this video you see a guy holding a coffee cup in the lower left hand corner. That’s me!

Oh and these other guys talked about the financial crisis:

Recommendation: Prof. Taylor’s the best (and first) speaker. The second dude talks about standard investment strategies (stocks are risky!) and probably you can skip him. The third dude, a historian, talked too briefly about history and made a lame plug for the need for fiscal stimulus.

Basically his argument is that four years after the government brought the economy to its knees during the depression, President Roosevelt needed to stimulate aggregate demand. Well, today’s economy is I-guess-sorta-maybe to its knees and well people have been talking about how this might be a depression and wow can you believe the similarities between now and the Great Depression, I mean jeez… where was I… oh, right, so yeah we need to implement my pet policy! QED.

(h/t that other dude in the death star… thanks for figuring out how to embed video, btw)

4 thoughts on “I’m on TV!”

  1. It’s not my pet policy, dude. It was taken to be the logical implication of RFC’s failure, and I imagine it will be taken to be the logical implication if TARP fails. And I’m the same dude who embedded the video.


    that dude

  2. heh. thanks for stopping by professor. i did make the connection between eric the geek and eric the historian.

    My point, lost in my lame attempt at sarcasm, was that its quite a bit a stretch to analogize our current experience with what happened in the Great Depression. The big difference between the two is 4-years (vs. a little over 4 weeks) of inept government policy that turned a bad recession in a depression. Namely, Hoover’s wage support deals cut with industry and crappy monetary policy.

    As Prof. Delong says, Bernake and Paulson (especially Bernake) know the history of the great depression very well and they’re intent to not repeat those mistakes. Instead they’ll endeavor to make their own mistakes.

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