Is this true?

Among ordinary Japanese, the spending is widely disparaged for having turned the nation into a public-works-based welfare state and making regional economies dependent on Tokyo for jobs.


3 thoughts on “Is this true?”

  1. Yes, keep in mind that Japan spends something like 40 times as much as America per square inch of territory on roads, tetrapods, and just flat out dumping concrete across the countryside… in rural areas, construction is often the biggest employer… And a lot of these rural areas are rottonboroughs, places which are over-represented in the Diet, much like the US Senate, so these rural areas where nobody lives get huge amounts in construction. It’s been really contentious from an environmental standpoint, as environmentalists decry damming every river in japan at 14 places… It also sucks to go to what used to be a beautiful beach and find it loaded with ugly concrete tetrapods, and massive layers of concrete sea walls…

    Thing is that this didn’t start in the 1990s during the slump. Japan’s construction monster didn’t even change gears in the 90s, was just on autopilot since the 1950s… it’s the LDP gravy train…

  2. Am I wrong to cringe every time I hear a politician talk about “creating jobs?” It reminds me of how my grandmother used to make her dog dance for food.

  3. I knew people thought individual projects were silly, but not that there was wide-spread dissatisfaction with fiscal stimuli. The Japanese often worry they don’t live in a true democracy… here’s a real live test of that proposition. Rise Up Tax Payers/Voters of Japan!

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