Went to see all five best picture nominees yesterday. Its something like torture watching five of those kinds of movies in one day.

Benjamin Button was a terrible movie and I have no idea why this badly done Forrest Gump wannabe (which was a crappy movie too) got nominated.

The Reader is an ok movie, but it failed. They wanted us to have sympathy for the woman and be outraged that she got unfair treatment by the court. The Kid as normal-Germans-not-speaking-out thing didn’t work either. Also, I hate when I have to think about what the directors and producers or who ever wanted me to think about.

Slumdog Millionaire was good, but it became very predictable somewhere about 1/2 way through. The best parts were the early scenes in the slums. If this movie wins because of those scenes, then Wall-E should win because its first third was much better.

Milk was great because Sean Penn was great. The story was interesting, but I would have gotten as much from wikipedia.

And the Oscar goes to… Frost/Nixon… it made me feel sympathetic towards Richard Nixon. The closest I came to crying all day was when Frost broke Nixon in the last interview; the look on Nixon’s face. I know this was a good movie because it was the fifth to show, it was the eleventh hour when it started, my neck had a crick and it was still enjoyable.

PS – I’m out of commission for the next week or so.