Learn economics, be entertained

I think economics turns students off because of its Libertarian bent… all the invisible hand stuff ((All of which I buy hook, line and sinker.)) makes ’em think economics=”greed is good”. This, on the other hand, is how economics should be taught:

In fact, if Joseph Heath’s Filthy Lucre turns out to be any good, I’ll use it as an intro economics text.

4 thoughts on “Learn economics, be entertained”

  1. Heath’s book “Nation of Rebels’ is really good. A little unfair on some points, creating straw men out of certain types of countercultural types, but I am excited to read this book.

  2. Funny you liked that… and encouraging. I wrote down that analogy to share with my history students this summer (the class doesn’t have intro econ as a prereq so its an intro to econ class, too).

  3. I liked it on two levels:

    It was clearly described and easy to follow.

    Likening corporate investors to small farmers gives investors a face, which I think sidesteps some of the “investing for profit = greed = bad” feelings your students may come into class with.

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