The Making of an Economist

So if you like catching people in gotcha moments… here’s a post of mine where I urge macroeconomists to discover non-rationalizing models. Ahh, so young and new to the world!

The difference between the 2007 version of Will Ambrosini and the new and improved version is the experience of attending dozens of macro seminars. Its hard enough to get your head around this stuff when everyone is on the same page as far as modelling assumptions. If you opened up the flood gates, the already limited “real” communication going on in the macro research community would quickly go to zero.

1 thought on “The Making of an Economist”

  1. In my experience, the hardest barrier to entry into macro land is that papers report the numerical method used and then report the result and if you happen to not have people to help you with that stuff (i.e. a class or study group) you are having a really really hard time studying that stuff on your own.

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