Does this mean we’ll have an Americavision Song contest?

The presentation I gave last week to the Humphrey scholars gives support to Sumner’s call for an American Union. Didn’t “State” used to mean something like nation anyway?

Here’s the presentation I gave. Subtext: immigration is good!

8 thoughts on “Does this mean we’ll have an Americavision Song contest?”

  1. I think there is an issue with slide 4.

    Federal government outlays are between 15-20% for most of the postwar period, but you have them below 10% after about 1970. Are you measuring something else?

    If anything, it proves your point better this way, but just to check. I though total government spending was about 30-35% now including fed and localities.

  2. Also, what is the mechanism for remittances to be better than aid? Federal government sends money, corrupt official gives it to a family member.

    I assume that’s much worse than immigrants goes to the US, gives it to family member?

    Not to justify corruption, but I don’t see that remittances will behave much differently. Of course, remittances don’t require taxes, which is a plus.

  3. These are the BEA NIPA so they’re final goods, not transfers. I don’t understand why people put total government expenditures over GDP. The statistic I report gives a better sense of how important the government is in the economy. Its about 1/5 of the economy. Thought experiment: imagine a government that had a 100% “tax”, collected the money, paid themselves and just reimbursed people proportionate to their incomes. Is that government much more important in the economy than one that had 0% tax?

    I make no normative claims about remittances. Evidently, they are important. There has been a couple papers, OTOH, that claim remittances are better targeted than official aid, especially during natural disasters.

  4. Tax data look fishy… Says US capital taxes are over 40%… Is that the highest corporate bracket? I’m in the 0% LT capital gains bracket, which is why I ask… And I think Goldman Sachs paid something like 6% tax on their corporate profits last year, if memory serves…

    Also, how does Wyoming rate in median income?

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