Status seeking is great!

Elizabeth Anderson points to this video suggesting its proof about how truly terrible is status seeking (ergo inequality is bad!).

In it, kids are quoted saying they divide themselves up, not by race, but by wealth. Its not “this kid is black or Mexican” anymore its “this kid is rich or poor”.

These sentiments are a bad thing only when you set them to forlorn music and pictures of deserted parking lots. Whoa is us who have given up centuries of racial hatred and division to go shopping at the mall!

2 thoughts on “Status seeking is great!”

  1. Ohmpf… When I read Anderson’s essay I was right away thinking that there would some people who won’t follow the stigmatization argument as is seen by your irony or by

    You know what, I do. Personally motivated by having seen what she mentions and is mentioned in the kids+money I have to agree that that is a big problem for many families of the worse or less off.

    But I wonder why you guys didn’t get the point? Have you never used of the practice in philosophy to take extreme examples as measure of abstraction towards an issue? Isn’t giving personal and emotional stimulation examples a common practice of politics in this land of the free?

    And most importantly it would be helpful when analyzing an argument to consider against which of Wilkinson’s argument it is written, instead of putting it out of context…

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