Economists gone wild!

Oh man, the latest NBER working papers are hot! Hotter than usual! Come on inside and take a peek!

  • Taylor and Jorda on the much talked about carry trade
  • An argument that inflation in the US should be high to take advantage of all those ferners taking our jerbs cash
  • Hall on the fiscal multiplier (I like his framing: “By How Much Does GDP Rise if the Government Buys More Output?”)
  • Globally, household wealth is extremely skewed
  • Taylor on the long history of credit crunches: “policymakers ignore credit at their peril”
  • Leeper connecting long-run fiscal imbalance to inflation expectations

3 thoughts on “Economists gone wild!”

  1. Re: #2, there’s someone very smart on the faculty here who likes to point out that seignorage is for 3rd world countries. Much of the fiscal action of inflation comes though the stock of outstanding nominally-denominated T-bills.

  2. Re: #5, ha, ha, very funny, but when you write “Taylor” we rightfully expect “J.B.”, not “A.M.”.

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