Dissertations I’d like to read

  • Monetary policy and unemployment: welfare costs of lagged unemployment and optimal policy
  • Time consistent fiscal policy: the case for an independent fiscal authority
  • Banking crises cause monetary shocks: evidence from an IV
  • Monetary shocks cause banking crises: evidence from an IV
  • Macroneuroeconomics: detecting expectations shocks in real time
  • Modern macro made simple: a new approach to teaching macro

(PS – My own dissertation would be on the list… except I’ve already read it!)

10 thoughts on “Dissertations I’d like to read”

  1. Push,

    I agree. The way that we teach macro at the undergraduate level is not satisfactory in light of modern theory. It is unfortunate that such a dissertation writer would likely have to jump through hoops to get this type of topic approved.

  2. Agent Continuum: “Jones…is close to what you’d like to see.”
    Jones is great except for Ch9-12.
    Andolfatto’s online intermediate macro text is superior to Jones on money
    and business cycles.

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