Catholic Relief Services

… is where we donated. They had 300 staff in Haiti already and they have a large existing staff in the Dominican Republic. They can hit the ground running, so to speak. Also because a large majority of the population of Haiti are practicing Catholics, I’d imagine church is the first place many folks will go for help.

UPDATE: Their BBB page and from their “accountability” page: “we follow the tenet of subsidiarity: A higher level of government—or organization—should not perform any function or duty that can be handled more effectively at a lower level by people who are closer to the problem and have a better understanding of the issue.”

4 thoughts on “Catholic Relief Services”

  1. Culturally its so different from its neighbors, though. Also, I doubt they’d invite France back and I’m not sure American’s would be ok with Iraq redux. Maybe Louisiana’s national guard can take over…

  2. Puerto Rico is culturally pretty different from the US too.

    It wouldn’t be anything like Iraq if the US went in. No insurgents, no IEDs, no car bombs, just lots of hungry people. But I agree that the American public isn’t ready to stomach yet another ongoing expense.

    Right now I hope they manage to avoid a cholera outbreak. I just don’t know where they will be in 3 months when the media attention wears off.

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