At 4:27 pm, a magnatude 6.5 earthquake hit about 27 miles due east west of my childhood home:

Everyone in the family is accounted for and fine (it turns out half were out of town for a cheerleading contest). Broken glass everywhere. Mom says, “We forget so quickly about earthquakes and start stacking glass on glass and not tying anything down.” A few gas leaks reported in town and one fire.

The woman dog-sitting for my dad said she heard a collapsed roof killed someone. Let’s hope its just rumor.


Dave Magni, owner of the Ivanhoe Hotel in Ferndale, said, “We are sitting in a sea of booze” after the quake. He felt an aftershock while talking with CNN. “My employees are out in the parking lot right now,” he added.

UPDATE from the Ferndale Enterprise twitter feed: “Flashback to 1992….not as bad…damage not as bad”.

The 1992 Earthquake was much larger at magnitude 7.2, but it was centered further, and a mountain range, away.

UPDATE: Good to see the Palace has power.

UPDATE from the Enterprise: “#Ferndale quiet now after #earthquake. Crab feed on at the Veterans Hall. Why waste it?”

UPDATE: Twumboldt has a more steady stream of updates.

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  1. We had some 4-ish jolts in the Milpitas area on two consecutive days. Weird to see the news out of Humboldt on the third day.

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