“perhaps THE economic historian”

From a letter sent to NPR:

I think you should interview Peter Lindert at UC-Davis. He’s an economic historian (perhaps THE economic historian) that welfare state scholars look to. His book Growing Public: Social Spending and Economic Growth Since the Eighteenth Century asserts that there is not a tradeoff between economic growth and taxes. He says there really is such a thing as a free lunch. Seriously, check him and his book out. He’s tremendously respected in the field and his life’s work is exactly this question.

Here’s his book.

3 thoughts on ““perhaps THE economic historian””

  1. Agh! No Kindle version!

    Is it so compelling that I should get an actual physical copy! Will I be able to amaze my friends and confound my enemies?

  2. There’s lots of data and he has a wry sense of humor (… that if I remember correctly, doesn’t at all come out in the book… )

    Actually, if you want to talk about comparing welfare states, this book is well known enough that citing it signals “I’m on your team” even if, like me, you’re not actually on a team.

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