Immigrants taking our jerbs?

I’m writing a “vulgarized” immigration paper (my Italian co-author’s adjective). One thing we academics like to do is pick on the idea that immigrants take the jobs of native-born Americans.

Watching Fox the last couple of weeks, it doesn’t seem like many folks take that point of view anymore. Conservatives talk about the “rule of law” and the deleterious effect of immigrants on the welfare state ((btw, why do conservatives think this is a bad thing?)), but not many were talking about the direct economic costs of immigration.

Do you know of example of politicians or otherwise high profile people taking the view that immigrants hurt native-born American job opportunities? Quotes would be awesome!

2 thoughts on “Immigrants taking our jerbs?”

  1. Given all the talk of “the latino vote” during last election, I don’t think you’re going to find it.

    Try looking for union representatives or maybe their better-known stooges in Congress.

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