23andMe data are in…

… and I’m boring. There’s no traces of Indian in me (a now debunked family story) and the white in me isn’t that interesting either:

This chart was produced using EURO-DNA-CALC (h/t Volokh). I’m 1/4 Italian-Swiss (hence the name) and the rest Anglo-French mix so the tool did a pretty good job pin-pointing my genetic origins.

Next, I think, I’ll do this. I have no clue why one would want to phase one’s genes but, you know, “because it’s there”.

UPDATE: Here’s one reason why you’d want to phase your genome… Did mom or dad give you your Neanderthal genes?

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  1. aw~ i didn’t know you’ve been talking about the Ute Indian thing from 2005! we should definitely have your dad and/or Kevin do it. they might have it…eh??

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